Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Church Planting in the Townships

Church planting in the townships is one of the main things at the heart of Township Reformation. We believe that the church is a mission station and a sounding board for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Since most of us are from the townships, we long to see the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed to our brothers according to the flesh. We have been severely grieved to see the church being infiltrated by false teachers and charlatans.  Considering the fact that a majority of South Africans live in the townships, it should be a great concern that townships have few biblically sound churches.

This workshop seeks to bring all those concerned about the state of our townships with regards to the advancement of the gospel through the planting of healthy churches. Churches that would be centered on the uncompromised gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. There have been signs of an awakening among young people, albeit on a small scale, to the true teachings of Scripture about God’s sovereignty in all things including salvation. God has been pleased to use all sorts of means, including internet sermons of men like Conrad Mbewe, Paul Washer, Al Martin and John Mac Arthur to name a few, to bring this awakening about.

What has been an issue though is that these young people struggle to find churches that teach biblical truths in their townships. Many have to travel long distances to suburban churches to find faithful preaching.  It is at the heart of Township Reformation to see this issue being attended to. Our deepest prayer is that God would raise a generation of young men that would dedicate their lives to seeing healthy churches being planted in the townships, to seeing like-minded churches in affluent areas rise to the occasion and support township church planters and also plant there themselves.

This workshop will be focusing on the present state of our townships. It aims to look at the biblical imperatives of church planting, as well as at the challenges faced by those who have led the way of planting in the township. We will also hear the view of suburban churches on what are the challenges they face as they long and seek to go across and plant in townships.

If this resonates with you in any way, you are welcomed to join us on the 12th of April 2014.